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Strada Nordului 2-4, 600240, Bacău, Romania. (GPS: Introduces: Strada Bucovinei 4, Bacău)

About Us

Hostel Holland, experience the quality of Dutch services in Bacau

Established in 2011, Hostel Holland is one of the projects implemented in Bacău by the Betania Association. Quality to Western standards and reasonable prices combine in a whole that contributes decisively to creating a pleasant experience at minimal cost.

Hostel Holland contributes to the financial support of the social projects carried out by Betania, being in this sense part of the organization's economic structures alongside the SH store in the Central Office yard (North Street No. 19 bis) and the Goat Farm Bettine from Vaslui County

In addition to the guaranteed experience, a visit to Hostel Holland is a gesture of help for the beneficiaries of the services offered by the Betania Association: Therapy for children with autism, the integration of young people from placement centres, services Rehabilitation for people with disabilities, etc. For details on the projects you can support visiting Hostel Holland, please go to the page https://www.asociatiabetania.ro/ro/

We welcome you!

Team Hostel Holland